Trojan Commercial Real Estate can be your investment arm in the real estate market. Let us find those opportunities for you that might have been overlooked previously; we can help you turn them into profits.

Sales & Acquisition
Trojan Commercial Real Estate

Trojan Commercial Real Estate LLC has established its foundation of growth by the continued success of services. A growing component of our services has been the increased activity in the sales and acquisitions of investment properties for our clients. Our high degree of knowledge of the Fort Worth/ Tarrant County market is a catalyst in providing our clients with the best representation in the acquisition and sales of properties from investment-grade multi-use properties to family-owned commercial dwellings. In addition, our capabilities in real estate will enhance each client in preparing their property for the market as well as determining the economic feasibility of properties for a prospective purchaser. ​

  • Understanding the market through continued information provided through our database and historical data
  • Analyze the site, not only from the aesthetic values such as appearance, construction, condition of the real estate, but the intrinsic value such as population trends, market values, economic growth, and positioning in the investment portfolio
  • Preparation of professional marketing information to potential buyers as a vehicle to inform the buyer with complete information - Examination of prospective real estate acquisitions for the basis of meeting goals set out by the client
  • Financial analysis of each project