Trojan Commercial Real Estate was founded on Tenant Representation, which remains as one of our strongest areas of expertise. Take advantage of this service and let Trojan Commercial Real Estate represent your company. Our reputation is built on total customer satisfaction.

Tenant Representation
Trojan Commercial Real Estate

Tenant Representation can be one of the best economic decisions that your company can make. Whether you are looking for new space, expanding, relocating, or purchasing,Trojan Commercial Real Estate LLC can save you time and money. In Tenant Representation, the owner of a company selects a qualified commercial real estate broker such asTrojan Commercial Real Estate LLC and shares with them their real estate needs. Then the executive authorizesTrojan Commercial Real Estate LLC to follow certain specifications in searching for the desired market area.

  • Establish the client’s overall space/facility needs and define the site/location requirements
  • Select the desired target market area(s) and conduct a comprehensive market survey(s) of those areas
  • Identify available properties within the preferred target market area and compile detailed, site-specific data for comparison purposes
  • Submit proposals to lease/purchase the preferred properties to the property owners and then analyze the responses or “counters” to those proposals
  • Enter into negotiations with the two or three finalist properties to reach a preliminary agreement on the most desired property
  • Finalize the lease/sales document for execution by both parties
  • Assist Tenant with floor plans and construction build-out to ensure a timely move-in date